Do you have dry skin? Do you want to prolong your spray tan? Do you have a difficult time moisturizing your whole body? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then NFZ has the perfect solution to your dry skin problems, it’s a BRAND NEW SERVICE called “RENEW” it’s a pre-moisturizing skin treatment that can be sprayed all over your body “BEFORE YOUR SPRAY TAN” it’s a mixture that I created that can literally be applied by one of NFZ’s technicians your skin will feel like silk the minute it hits your skin and this treatment will help your spray tan goes on smoother and flawlessly this treatment can be applied prior to your tan or if you are getting lazy and don’t feel like moisturizing then schedule your “RENEW” treatment and let NFZ MOISTURIZE YOUR SPRAY TAN “RENEW” can prolong your spray tan by 3 or more days.

THE COST FOR THIS SERVICE is if you add this service on at the time of your tan it will be $10. IF YOU SCHEDULE THIS SERVICE BY ITS SELF THE COST WILL BE $15.

Sunless Tanning Bloomington - renew 1
Bloomington Sunless Tanning - renew 2
Spray Tan in Bloomington - renew 3